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Real Life Superheroes

Who are the real heroes in life?

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Covid, Bloods And Bauble Theft

I scribbled down some thoughts whilst at clinic today. It's funny what comes to mind!

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Waiting For An Atom Bomb

How long will this take to resolve? The bubonic plague took five years however without scientific intervention and shocking statistics

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Physio Inspired By Gregory’s Girl

Making laborious physiotherapy more fun

mental health

Sitting On A Tree Just Thinking

Suddenly a song comes into mind and the thoughts cascade

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You Get What You Need

The power of song lyrics

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But You Can!

The end is nothing to mourn, for the imaginative, why it's porn

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Been A Son… Should I?

I think I should have

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Beautiful Decay

Morbid curiosity and fascination with death

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Monday Motivation

Be like a camera