poetry, relationships

We Should Be

Borderline personality relationships inspired by Maybe You Should Be by Oliver Holmes.

poetry, relationships

Love Infinitude

A dedication to my husband as we walk through Nunhead Cemetery

Life, relationships

Dear Mum With Love

We all bled together then subsequently we healed ~ Sharon Lawson

relationships, social media

Online Chaos Calmed

Edit those online mistakes in the name of peace

mental health, relationships

Shotgun Mouth Strikes Again

You mouthed off again, buttercup, you engage rage first then it's hand-to-mouth in oh-oh! Thoughts then rationalise and it's cringing need to apologise.

poetry, relationships

I Miss You, Neuro Twin

A friend gone but not forgotten: a dedication to lost relationships

relationships, society

Flip Side

We're multiple personas for multiple people... and that's quite normal

Life, relationships

Calm Your Inner Storm

Always work towards self-healing following broken relationships

dark writing, poetry

Sweet I.V. Girl

A spoof love story based on personal events


A Real Friend Found In Animal Crossing

Dedicated to Pippa, a friendship made in Animal Crossing