Brittany Murphy: Her Death Still Haunts

Was she the subject of abuse by a narcissistic criminal? A gifted soul ruined by Hollywood and then slowly drained by lies and control?


Edinburgh Every Saturday

Exploring wonderful Edinburgh as a 90s fashion unconscious teen

mental health

Sitting On A Tree Just Thinking

Suddenly a song comes into mind and the thoughts cascade

health and wellbeing, Life, poetry

But You Can!

The end is nothing to mourn, for the imaginative, why it's porn

Life, mental health

Been A Son… Should I?

I think I should have

Life, poetry, relationships

Gunpowder Tears

Reflecting on the hurt caused by past relationships

health and wellbeing, Life

When I’m Happy: A Writing Prompt

Join me in my adventures and ponder what makes you happy

Life, poetry

Innocent Days

Daisy chains of our wonder years