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Personal Best by Richard Charles Stevens

Broken, Yes, But not beyond repair ~ A Poem By Richard Charles Stevens

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Chaotic Big Dipper

It often feels like I'm on a big dipper at some funfair that's not much fun! Wrestling with fluctuating feelings that are up and down then seriously super-loop


Blog Page Deletion? Don’t Think I Could Forgive You!

Think twice about deleting your blog. Sleep on it and rationalise your thoughts. I did and feel much better!

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Calm Your Inner Storm

Always work towards self-healing following broken relationships


Put Me On A Horse With No Name

Feeling inner calm whilst horse riding

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Battered No More

A poem about resilience

health and wellbeing, Life, poetry

I Know Myself

Your truth and family is what matters most

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Stronger Than I Was.. Yes Eminem!

But I'm breaking out of this slump I'm in Pulling myself out of the dumps once again I'm getting up once and for all, fuck this shit

health and wellbeing, Life, poetry


A poem about recovery and feeling a sense of freedom

health and wellbeing, Life, mental health

Wild: An Inspiration

Watch Wild and share a journey, it may be one of the best therapy sessions you'll have