health and wellbeing, relationships

Live Together, Love Together

A 1990 track from Scottish band The Shamen is pure positivity to uplift and soothe the soul

health and wellbeing, mental health

A Positive Affirmation

You're bigger and bolder!


Blog Page Deletion? Don’t Think I Could Forgive You!

Think twice about deleting your blog. Sleep on it and rationalise your thoughts. I did and feel much better!

health and wellbeing, poetry

Healing Happens

Just write a poem A nonsense verse And celebrate YOU'VE DONE IT!

health and wellbeing, poetry

Finding Positivity Despite Disability

Cherish abilities despite disabilities

health and wellbeing, poetry

Heart Beating In Grateful Rhythm

Your heart beats musical expression and glad to be alive


Calling Tomorrow’s by Richard Charles Stevens

Profound as the grounds upon which we exist When the trick is sincerely to live


In A Fleeting Moment

How very easily destruction can have it's way yet at the same time, healing and love can be equally as easily gained


Sunshine Blogger Award

Lorene M delighted me with the honour of nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award