Life, society

Be That Person Who Dares To Wear

Own your own style regardless of committing make-believe sins


If I Was

A poem about caring inspired by listening to The Lemonheads

Life, relationships

Dear Mum With Love

We all bled together then subsequently we healed ~ Sharon Lawson

mental health, poetry, society

Be Borderline Strong

A power poem about overcoming slander

health and wellbeing, Life

Keep On Clucking, You’ll Get Through It!

Stress caused me to buy a Magnum and sit listening to Brittany Murphy singing. My latest difficult health news.

Life, relationships

Friendship Made In The Graveyard Shift

From Instagram to the graveyard: a friendship made

health and wellbeing, poetry

Heart Beating In Grateful Rhythm

Your heart beats musical expression and glad to be alive


Be Yourself Always

Be true to uniquely you


A Real Friend Found In Animal Crossing

Dedicated to Pippa, a friendship made in Animal Crossing


In A Fleeting Moment

How very easily destruction can have it's way yet at the same time, healing and love can be equally as easily gained