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Disabled? You’re A Unique Fighter!

I've written this article to encourage people with any physical disability to realise they are certainly not abnormal or socially taboo and can gain self-acceptance.

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Radiate Your Inner Colours

You're literally beautiful inside so glow with it


Blog Page Deletion? Don’t Think I Could Forgive You!

Think twice about deleting your blog. Sleep on it and rationalise your thoughts. I did and feel much better!

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But Really

Inspiration from a brave little ladybird

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Rearrange Your Thoughts And Focus On What’s Real

Exploring your thoughts is like a librarian arranging books into their appropriate shelves


In A Fleeting Moment

How very easily destruction can have it's way yet at the same time, healing and love can be equally as easily gained

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You Chickens Are Equally Crowned

Equality: we're all equally crowned

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A Perfect Quote From Final Fantasy X

A life lesson from a video game

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Advice From A Tree

Daily encouragement for everyone

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A Positive Affirmation

Nothing's ever gonna keep you down