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Oops, Did I Do It Again?

I am unfilteredI say shit and forget about itI don't rememberYet I Never ForgetI throw words aroundAnd dance with freedom of speechOops, are there rules butI'm no puppet on a string People laughPeople lovePeople supportPeople abuseAnd I'm amusedWhatever is saidEveryone knowsSo tell the whole worldNothing they don't already know https://youtu.be/YVkUvmDQ3HY Love this cheeky track, so… Continue reading Oops, Did I Do It Again?

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No Choice On 9/11

A poem I wrote inspired by the horrors of September 11th 2001

mental health, poetry

I Don’t Want You

After an uncontrollable episode yesterday I immediately wrote this to channel my thoughts out of my mind before going to bed

mental health, poetry, society

Be Borderline Strong

A power poem about overcoming slander

Life, poetry, society

I Believe So I Will

Enjoy your life without restriction of dictating minorities

mental health, poetry

Be Yourself, They Say

Borderline personality Yet borderline nobody Borderline strong Yet borderline about to crack

relationships, social media

Online Chaos Calmed

Edit those online mistakes in the name of peace

mental health, poetry

A Borderline Personality Conflict

Borderline Strong Yet borderline about to crack!

poetry, relationships

I Miss You, Neuro Twin

A friend gone but not forgotten: a dedication to lost relationships

poetry, society

Beautify Your Normal

Another cliché but so clearly true I don't care, this is for you