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Enjoy Getting Lost

See where your imagination takes you. No sat navigation or Ordinance Survey Maps allowed.

health and wellbeing, relationships

Live Together, Love Together

A 1990 track from Scottish band The Shamen is pure positivity to uplift and soothe the soul

health and wellbeing, Life

Wellbeing Time In Scotland

Seize the day, you never know what life has in store for you

health and wellbeing, Life

Potted Up Ready To Bloom

Enjoying gardening together

health and wellbeing, Life

A Smile From A Snail

Smile for the camera little snail

Life, social media

Laughter Is Your Medicine

Laughter is definitely the best medicine sometimes

health and wellbeing, Life, mental health

A Positive Affirmation

Nothing's ever gonna keep you down


Autumn Shades

Autumn walks in Timberland boots crunching over fallen leaves

Life, mental health, relationships

Beautiful song Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru

Where is your precious sanctuary?

health and wellbeing, Life

An Amazing Day

Seize the opportunity