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Nightmares and Pillow Drooling

How do your nightmares manifest and how does it affect you?


Be Yourself Always

Be true to uniquely you

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How Do You View Yourself?

One facet of you is not the basis to sum you up as a whole

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A Perfect Quote From Final Fantasy X

A life lesson from a video game


Funky Ass Mouse

A little Mouse's empowerment


Please Don’t Lose Hope

Words of encouragement from the soundtrack to video game Silent Hill 3


I See You

There is always a light amongst the darkness, just look upwards


Put Me On A Horse With No Name

Feeling inner calm whilst horse riding

Life, mental health

Are You Shy Hitting ‘Publish’?

Blogging can be nerve wracking but you're doing great!

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Battered No More

A poem about resilience