Life, mental health

Emotion Explosion

Literally feeling emotions is a very challenging aspect of borderline personality disorder.

Life, mental health

The Journey: An Emotional Trigger

The Journey from The Rescuers kills me! Please share any Disney songs that you connect with, I'd love to know.

Life, mental health

Today I’m A Traffic Light

I wake up really happy then it's traffic lights all day. Red, amber, green, red, green, amber then all three bulbs blow at once.

Life, mental health

Borderline Rage

Because I’m borderline, my emotions are borderline too? I really don't grasp that concept, do you?

mental health, relationships

The Curse of Envy

Recognising and dealing with envy

mental health, poetry

The Sinking Ship

What depression can feel like

mental health

Sitting On A Tree Just Thinking

Suddenly a song comes into mind and the thoughts cascade

dark writing, Life, mental health

Razor Blades Set Me Free

About my self-harm (TRIGGER WARNING)

mental health, poetry

Splitting Whelp

My black and white thinking

Life, mental health, poetry


Between the colours of a rainbow