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The Irony Of Being Unfiltered

So you’re unfiltered, have a no filters personality. Modern slang suggests having no filters means you’re raw, natural, crude, coarse, abrupt, prone to putting your foot in it and even refreshing. After all, you’re supposed to be yourself right? The phrase putting your foot in it has always been stupid to me. How do you know someone’s life story to merit being… Continue reading The Irony Of Being Unfiltered

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Oops, Did I Do It Again?

People laugh People love People abuse But I'm amused Whatever is said Everyone knows So tell the whole world Nothing they don't already know

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I Believe So I Will

Enjoy your life without restriction of dictating minorities

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Flip Side

We're multiple personas for multiple people... and that's quite normal


Be Yourself Always

Be true to uniquely you


Poetry, Poem, Verse.. Or Worse?

How do you label your writing style plus a quick story about my literary beginnings.

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Are You Shy Hitting ‘Publish’?

Blogging can be nerve wracking but you're doing great!

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Advice From A Tree

Daily encouragement for everyone

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A Socially Trying Chameleon

Are you a chameleon with a remarkable superpower: adaption?