Unsure of where to even begin? I write many different pieces triggered by whatever inspiration has taken hold that day. My home page is featured in an endless scrolling format so at the top of my blog are the various categories featured for navigation ease. For example, Great White Beautiful Crazy is primarily listed under the category Borderline Personality Disorder and so forth. The last five Recent Posts are displayed to the right hand side of my feed along with a few of my latest Instagram account posts so you get a bit more of a feel of me as an individual.

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My Goal

I have long been an open book who enjoys taking to people, sharing experiences both in life and on a psychological level. I was encouraged to go into counselling however I knew I did not have the strength take on such an overwhelming role. Over time, I’ve played about with social media, created and later deleted accounts over the years that weren’t feeling right and thought now what can I do other than films and videogames? I recalled my parents encouragement regarding writing and how when my husband and I met, we communicated the old fashioned way by writing to each other. He enjoyed my letters and has always been gently on at me to write too. I know several people who use WordPress so I thought I’d make a go of it and am really enjoying reading people’s works and sharing my moments.

My dream goal is to help and support others with their own feelings under similar circumstances and show them that they are certainly not alone.

Love Sharon