health and wellbeing, Life, poetry

Systolic Disfunction

Inspiration by unsettling news from my cardiologist

dark writing, poetry

Sweet I.V. Girl

A spoof love story based on personal events

poetry, relationships, social media

Have You Been Wrongly Labelled?

A fun poem about how very wrong people can be about you!

dark writing, poetry

Ravens Cry by Richard Charles Stevens

Back when I was a child I happened across a bird beneath a graveyard's red cedar tree.

poetry, relationships

For You

The cathartic effect of writing about feelings for lost friends

Life, poetry

Play: Life Begins

Inspiration from a Hitachi remote control!


In A Fleeting Moment

How very easily destruction can have it's way yet at the same time, healing and love can be equally as easily gained

Life, poetry, society

You Chickens Are Equally Crowned

Equality: we're all equally crowned

health and wellbeing, mental health, poetry

You Matter!

Learn to love the unique person you are