mental health, poetry

A Borderline Personality Conflict

Borderline Strong Yet borderline about to crack!

poetry, relationships

I Miss You, Neuro Twin

A friend gone but not forgotten: a dedication to lost relationships

poetry, society

Beautify Your Normal

Another cliché but so clearly true I don't care, this is for you

health and wellbeing, poetry

Radiate Your Inner Colours

You're literally beautiful inside so glow with it

health and wellbeing, poetry

Healing Happens

Just write a poem A nonsense verse And celebrate YOU'VE DONE IT!

mental health, poetry


A poem about Borderline Personality Disorder by friend and author Richard Charles Stevens

mental health, poetry

Balancing On The Borderline

An irrational moment made right

health and wellbeing, Life, poetry

But Really

Inspiration from a brave little ladybird


Are You There?

Sometimes all you need is assuring touch

health and wellbeing, poetry

Finding Positivity Despite Disability

Cherish abilities despite disabilities