health and wellbeing, mental health, poetry

Remain By Richard Charles Stevens

A wonderful poem about radical acceptance and self encouragement.

poetry, relationships

We Should Be

Borderline personality relationships inspired by Maybe You Should Be by Oliver Holmes.

mental health, poetry

Message Understood Now Goodbye

Yes I've got issues so here's a tissue. You sitting comfortably? But I'm comfortably numb.

poetry, relationships

Love Infinitude

A dedication to my husband as we walk through Nunhead Cemetery


If I Was

A poem about caring inspired by listening to The Lemonheads

mental health, poetry

Personal Best by Richard Charles Stevens

Broken, Yes, But not beyond repair ~ A Poem By Richard Charles Stevens

Life, poetry

Retro Floozy

Happily stuck in a time warp, my comfort zone perhaps?

poetry, society

Oops, Did I Do It Again?

People laugh People love People abuse But I'm amused Whatever is said Everyone knows So tell the whole world Nothing they don't already know

Life, poetry

No Choice On 9/11

A poem I wrote inspired by the horrors of September 11th 2001

mental health, poetry

I Don’t Want You

After an uncontrollable episode yesterday I immediately wrote this to channel my thoughts out of my mind before going to bed