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Chaotic Big Dipper

It often feels like I'm on a big dipper at some funfair that's not much fun! Wrestling with fluctuating feelings that are up and down then seriously super-loop

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Borderline Strong Facebook Page

Are you using social media platforms to compliment your WordPress blog?

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End The Stigma Surrounding Suicide: Mental Health Matters

This account of my journey is of a sensitive nature and may distress so please be aware before continuing, thank you.

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A Positive Affirmation

You're bigger and bolder!

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Consider Videogames As Therapeutic Tools

Videogames can help you cope with bad days surprisingly well

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A poem about Borderline Personality Disorder by friend and author Richard Charles Stevens

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Balancing On The Borderline

An irrational moment made right

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Rearrange Your Thoughts And Focus On What’s Real

Exploring your thoughts is like a librarian arranging books into their appropriate shelves

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Nightmares and Pillow Drooling

How do your nightmares manifest and how does it affect you?

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We All Stand Tall

A wonderful quote to ground yourself with