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Shut Up And Rebel Dear Puppet

I feel like a puppet fighting with my strings that are pulling me towards... Towards crime? Harm? Aggression?? I'm unsure. But I'll cut these strings.

health and wellbeing, mental health

Just Another Moment

Those moments when you feel overwhelmed and out of control. But they pass.

health and wellbeing, mental health

Do You Know Your Name?

This scene, for those familiar with American Horror Story, reminds us of self-identity issues.

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Progressive Mouse In Wonderland: My Failing Health

I don't need to rewind too far because most of my story is published so let's go back to... Wow, 2002

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Borderline Strong Facebook Page

Are you using social media platforms to compliment your WordPress blog?

health and wellbeing, mental health

End The Stigma Surrounding Suicide: Mental Health Matters

This account of my journey is of a sensitive nature and may distress so please be aware before continuing, thank you.

health and wellbeing, mental health

A Positive Affirmation

You're bigger and bolder!

health and wellbeing, mental health

Consider Videogames As Therapeutic Tools

Videogames can help you cope with bad days surprisingly well

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Radiate Your Inner Colours

You're literally beautiful inside so glow with it

health and wellbeing, poetry

Healing Happens

Just write a poem A nonsense verse And celebrate YOU'VE DONE IT!