dark writing, Life

Eyes Glazed Over

The amazing world beneath your skin from first-hand experience. Discretion is advised.

dark writing, poetry

Watch Your Speed

Life goes on, it never ends, until the next car fails to stop

dark writing, poetry

Sweet I.V. Girl

A spoof love story based on personal events

dark writing, poetry

Ravens Cry by Richard Charles Stevens

Back when I was a child I happened across a bird beneath a graveyard's red cedar tree.

dark writing, poetry

Documenting Insanity

Brutal poem about reality (graphic)

dark writing, Life, poetry

Heart Say What?

My echocardiogram and ECG results were unexpected. Getting old!

dark writing, poetry

Rope Still Hanging

I stumbled upon a disturbing rope, suicide fail or suicide attempt?

dark writing, Life, poetry

The Butcher and The Mortician

A comically grim poem about two friends who were a butcher and a mortician: myself, Sharon Lawson, and artist LH Grey

dark writing, health and wellbeing, Life

The Beauty of Horror: Haunt This Journal by Alan Robert

Try this fun horror themed journal

dark writing, Life

The Hearse Song

Macabre humour thanks to The Hearse Song