Blog Page Deletion? Don’t Think I Could Forgive You!

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Music saves the day again! I was listening to one of my favourite tracks called Prayer In C by Robin Schultz with Lilly Wood and the Prick (below) whilst I was in a worldwide destruction of a mood.

I was going to delete this blog page.

How defeatist and paranoid of me, after all the support and encouragement from people who know me intimately.

Don’t think I could forgive you

I’m not famous or an established author etc. I’m just a woman who has learned to adapt to life after losing much. My career, my self-worth and quite a chunk of my health. My mental health is like living each day trying to control a forest fire. Some days it’s well contained and on others, like today, it insists on raging and consuming happy healthy branches reaching out for hope.

I imagine I’m not the only one who’s felt suddenly overwhelmed and insignificant. In fact I imagine scores of people have taken a sledgehammer to their confidence.

Persistence and self-belief is crucial.

To everyone who is anyone, you just have to believe in the value of your story. Your thoughts matter and so do you as a person.

Huge shout out to Richard Charles Stevens and Ashley at Mental Health @ Home for being supportive and influential.

And to everyone else who’s visited my blog, you have my unreserved thanks.

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21 thoughts on “Blog Page Deletion? Don’t Think I Could Forgive You!

  1. This is definitely a MOOD. ❀ Been tempted more than once to call it a day, shelve everything and consign all my scribblings to the ashheap during this past year! Helped me a lot knowing so many others have doubts and we're all struggling together with our different crazy hangups, trying to make sense of it all πŸ™πŸ» BIG HUGS πŸ€— πŸ’•

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    1. Aw man that’s awful to hear you’ve felt the same. Many seem daunted, disheartened, intimidated and confused within these enormous platforms. I’m a wee krill in the Atlantic ocean trying to build confidence πŸ™ƒ Never ever lose faith in yourself and remember those who support you, encourage you and mostly just be you. Nothing else. A valuable word of advice I was given by author and friend Richard Charles Stevens here on Rivers Of Grue πŸ’œβš”πŸ›‘

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    1. Aw no Tara that awful for you! It’s a gut-wrentching feeling isn’t it and finding that glimmer of strength to go on with your message can be hard.
      Great song isn’t it, addictive to play on a loop πŸ˜ƒβ€

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  2. Big huge hug! I think what makes this whole blogging thing worthwhile for all of us crazy folks is that we’re all struggling with various kinds of crap, and it’s a lot less lonely to all be struggling at the same time. ❀️

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  3. Definitely been there. In one of my latest blog posts, thinking as I am writing, I determined the analogy that best fit the scenario, is like reading a redacted government document. Trying to make it make sense. To those that know you, that give you that support, they’ve seen the redacted parts and still think the content is worthwhile. Bear that in mind when you are able to come to your senses during these fits/episodes/challenges/ or whatever you qualify them as. I struggle constantly too. Your content out of context, causes people to fail to understand the scenario in the best possible way… don’t self-edit your feelings, not that I am volunteering to work with you on them, lol, but since you said you almost deleted the post: DON’T! Keep sharing.

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    1. Thanks for your reply! I imagine I do cause people to fail to understand wtf I’m on about but I love how you’ve advised me not to edit my feelings. I never do, I write in the moment then fire off like a shotgun loaded with thoughts.

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