My Easiest Hard Decision

Photograph by me

Confused by that title? Here’s a story of unconditional love.

You may have noticed a couple of posts about two gorgeous guinea pig sisters I adopted into my home (links below). Rescuing those two bundled of joy back in summer of this year was one of the best feelings I’ve experienced as we knewthey were sadly unwanted pets. My husband and I went to the pet superstore and kitted them out with so many guinea pig goodies and I ordered a superb cage on a stand with shelf and castors for convenience. This cage was huge and the same size as the one we’d cared for them in for weeks at a time over the past few years. I was so excited!!

Time passed by and we felt so rewarded by their gradual relaxation into becoming happy interactive squeaky friends. We loved cuddle time and the delight of everything about them! My heart rate slowed and my mind calmed as I hugged my little Blackie against my chest. Blondie and Blackie being their names due to colour identification. My husband bonded with angelic faced Blondie. Getting them fresh veg, dandelions and treats was actually exciting because they were such affectionate little bundles of joy.

However as time passed something felt wrong. And both of us noticed. The girls started to bicker frequently show each other who’s boss by mounting, showing their teeth and vocalisations. They also fought over the houses and nudged them around the cage. Unhappy with the position because they could see each other perhaps? We weren’t sure. Something wasn’t right for the docile sweethearts. Then the penny dropped and I felt sick with guilt.

The cage size!! So-called guinea pig friendly indoor cages and certainly hutches from commercial pet stores weren’t big enough. I researched online and learned that they require a lot more room and the favourite being the C&C range of products. Excellent pen set up but one horrible problem. No room in our one bedroom house to properly accommodate them. I was devastated.

We knew what had to be done for their sake. We couldn’t be selfish and keep them in potentially another three years of small space. Numb, I checked out local guinea pig rescue services and to my relief there was one just 1.3 miles away. I called the number and had a forty minute conversation with a lovely young woman and was pleasantly surprised to hear her story. A couple who were, like us, struggling with issues physically and mentally and horror fans!! I insisted that Blondie be called Pauline from Excision and Blackie renamed Samara from the USA The Ring remake. The names suited them well.

The next day I sadly took them to their new home thanks to the help of my neighbour and an SUV. The couple greeted me with warmth and a coffee and Samara and Pauline were popped into a run. We chatted, I gave them all the guinea pig’s gear including cage plus some money towards anything needed. We then gave each other a gift which was such a delightful surprise and I borrowed the film Bad Taste. We connected via social media and phone number and I know I’ve made two sweet friends. And I can visit the guinea pigs too!

Six days later and I still have moments of sadness and cry because I miss them so much but take comfort knowing they are better off welfare wise. Plus they have the companionship of other piggies.

All in all, a very difficult decision made easy through unconditional love.

I certainly do

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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