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A dear friend of my husband and I, author and writer Richard Charles Stevens, wrote this delightful piece about the mental health condition I endure called Borderline Personality Disorder. His beautiful words resonated with me so strongly plus the artwork and choice of music blew me away!

BPD is a very misunderstood and difficult condition to live with both for the person and their families and friends with compassion, love and support, we can brave the day and get through anything together.

Thank you so much Richard, wait until the lockdown is lifted, me and Bernie will be on that train!


Suggested audio: Border by Years & Years

On the borderline
She felt more inclined to live out loud and proudly lead the most profound of chorus lines
Formerly mortified
Audibly glorified thoughts designed to fortify a broadened mind reorganized to shine
Prizing the child bearing light in her eyes
Daring stoke the home fires
On the borderline

Not before time
She believed in herself
Found a wealth of sound reasons to kiss life and tell
Through the mist
Persist to show that hope was both alive and well
Spoken most devotedly when choking silence fell

Owning sense of heightened self
She elevated greatly
Felt each joie de vivre perceived innately from a dreamlike scene
Shaded were the trees beneath which ladies came when graced esteem
Native to a celebrated theme

Gleaming like a diamond
Shining brighter than the stars of pasts redeemed
With courage of conviction and the flourish of an artist primed as queen
Eminently seen
And ever elegantly She
Her every breath suggested leisurely progression to the stream
Herein the treasures of the deep
Were altogether in her keep
And every feather of forever teased the zephyr gently steeped

On the borderline
She learned to leap
When nevermore her fallen rights beseeched
Felt more alive when teetering
When facing death and cheating it
Than all the times it falsified defeat
Immortalized was She
To toss her sword aside and bleed
Seed the earth beneath her feet
And lead a merry chorus line
For dreams were ten a penny
On the borderline

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

Permission given by RCS
Permission given by RCS

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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Shadow Spark Publishing™

2 thoughts on “Borderline

  1. Honoured, Mouse. Truly. BPD can be a debilitating disease but I have never once seen it define you. That shows phenomenal character and it is my pleasure to touch on that through verse. Roll on the end of lockdown so we can all have a mighty hurrah together.

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