Guinea Pigs and Yo-yos

Photograph by myself

I was enjoying hug time with our guinea pigs last night and as I was messing around with my phone’s camera, I captured the moment Blondie (aka Bubble) sniffed at the screen. It’s so cute! Do you think they recognize themselves in the mirror? I’d like to think so. I tried to find out with the phone on selfie mode and I laughed as I imagined Brownie (aka Squeak) as a complete cam whore. She won’t be getting an Instagram account though!

Dad and I have an in-joke about animals speaking in Arabic hence:

Saying “Alhamd lilah!” (Praise God in Arabic)

This long-running source of amusement stemmed from a secondary trip to Cairo with mum and dad in the mid 90s. The shorts we had on, adventurous printed surf shorts and my much loved Camel cigarettes promo tee featuring a camel smoking on the front. Great fun.

As I was saying, we overheard some people who kept saying various Arabic phrases and it made me giggle. Why, I don’t know. I guess it just sounded funny to a hyperactive 16 year old as Egyptian and Englishman tried to communicate in fractured sentences. So I sent dad the above photo with Arabic text to bring back the goofy days we had and thankfully, still do.

As much as I write about heavy subjects and enjoy dark writing, pieces like that are often written in a retrospective moment, fired out like the sudden spurt of a crude oil blowout. I’m like my old Fanta promotional yo-yo from the late 80s, up and down, spinning around and sometimes scuffs on the ground. But I always spin back to the top.

I love this quote:

“My mind is like the contents of a kitchen drawer emptied out on a trampoline”

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

3 thoughts on “Guinea Pigs and Yo-yos

  1. Such cute pictures! My piggies don’t seem the least bit interested when I hold them up in front of a mirror, but they aren’t interested in screens. I wonder if they’re detecting the motion of the screen refreshing.

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