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Does your blog feature a Start Here page, disclaimer and terms and conditions? I didn’t know these pages were crucial if you feature things like medical information and content which, for example, is likely to offend due to colourful language or dark subjects, etc.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not admin nor am I an advisory service. I was a member of the admin team on uncensored media site Documenting Reality for a decade and dealt with a heck of a lot of situations. But that’s another story. Guess the moderator is still within me hence sharing what I read on various blog help sources.

Start Here is where you expand on your About content to give the viewer more insight and understanding of your agenda, your mission and intentions. I’m never that concise on introductory writing but I’m content for the meantime and will to and fro until I’ve nailed it.

About and Contact is self explanatory. Who you are, your interests and places of work plus social media links and a chirpy wee photo to put a face to the words on the screen.

The important part is a disclaimer. Apparently. WordPress is an internet service provider with millions of members and are not liable for any offence, defamation of character, copyright infringement, etc etc. You have to apply for a court order from a specialist law firm in the case of any situation. So the advisory thing to do is include a disclaimer. Stating things such as “self diagnosis is made at the reader’s own risk and it would be advisable seek professional advice”. To warn about age rating (16+ for mine), potential trigger words and anything else to warn the reader about what to expect and to read at their own risk. Sounds like a film classification procedure.

The really awkward scenario is the reader reading between the lines and taking something entirely different from what was meant to be portrayed and be upset/disturbed/etc. The ambiguity situation. We all read people’s works and everything in writing, art and film is perceived differently by each viewer. “There was an obese mouse who lived in a tip of a house” can mean anything. Am I talking about myself here as one of my nicknames is Mouse due them being my favourite animal? Not at all, it’s a random limerick influenced by a photo of obese mice used in medical research. I included the opportunity for people to personally contact me by email or social media for further information and to address any concerns.

Thanks to help from Mental Health blogger ashleylea in comments below, I’ve learned that the average blogger does not require to include Terms and Conditions unless you use a service which requires so.

WordPress’ own T&Cs are the length of a roll of wallpaper. As I read through them all I could think of was a scene from the classic Marx Brothers film A Night At The Opera where Groucho and Chico are discussing a contract’s terms. Each garbled section they didn’t understand, they ripped off until each was left with a thin strip of paper which Chico stated was, “The sanity clause”.

Groucho and Chico in A Night At The Opera (1935)

And on that note I’ll close. Boredom now replaced by memories from the Marx Brothers films. I’m off for a shower singing “Sing While You Sell” (The Big Store, 1941).

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

7 thoughts on “Disclaimer Page

  1. I don’t know if WordPress’s term and conditions are the best example to copy and paste, since a lot of it is specific to how people use their WordPress accounts. There are a lot of generic T&C for bloggers that would probably be more applicable.

    I wanted to keep mine short and sweet, so a lot of it is links to the privacy pages for the various services I use for my blog.

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    1. Ah right I was wondering about that tbh, thank you! I’ll withdraw from view that page and edit it appropriately. It’s a learning experience and a bit of a tricky one. I don’t use any services so do you think it’s even worth having?

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      1. I think for the average blogger it’s unnecessary. I have one because I use Google Analytics and Amazon Affiliate links, which both require a mention, and because I sell things on my site. I didn’t have a terms and conditions page before I started doing all of those things.

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