Splitting Whelp

Suggested audio: For Tinkerbell by Catatonia

Forgive me if I seem to be
Impatient and obscene
It’s just I’d like to fall so flat
And hear the voices shouting back

People who have been diagnosed with BPD have a great tendency to do what is called “splitting”. Extreme black and white thinking, reactions so I thought I’d write about it. Many of you may identify!

I wake up feeling intense love

Yet go to bed boiling with hate

Black white

Do or die

You mean everything

Go, forever be gone

I lie to function at times

But do not believe your ears

I am absolutely who I am

Certainly not who’s wrongly perceived

Spreading venom about my fiction

Yet hard evidence is blindly seen

I never watered the flowers, so?

Have three vintage Game Boys not four

White bullshit to impress, be accepted

We all do it so don’t

March the moral commandant

“Splitting”, yeah yes no

I know so please help

Instead of biting

Hellbent on smiting

Have mercy on this whelp

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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