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I Love You I Hate You by Sara Riches

Suggested audio: Valerian by Catatonia


Between birth and death

Between Heaven and Hell

Between love and hate

I’m borderline


Between the ocean and the shore

Between dusk and dawn

Between the colours of a rainbow

I’m borderline


Between romance and horror

Between skull and crossbones

Between dreams and nightmares

I’m borderline

Between psychosis and neurosis

Ticking a ruthless checklist:

 Instability in relationships, self image, and emotions

Fear of abandonment

Impulsivity that is self-damaging

Recurrent suicidal ideations

Chronic feelings of emptiness

Inappropriate, intense anger

Moments of stress caused by changes in reality

I’m borderline

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™


2 thoughts on “Borderline”

    1. Thank you so much dearest friend and happiness inspiration, the ideas you’ve given me to be a happier me is the most precious gift I could hope for. You and the rest of my zoo ❤ I’m enjoying exploration with self expression 🙃


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