Flip Side

Artwork by Daniel Specek. Click image for more information.

This was first written in July 2019 after a particular lengthy Internet session. Then I logged off and pondered how we are with ourselves and others and realised as much as we try to be universal, we’re actually like the artwork above. Multiple personas for multiple people and situations. It’s not a bad thing, it’s human and called adaption but it can cause problems in the honesty vs tact department. Should I say or just say no!

Suggested audio: Crystalline by Bjork

Flip side of the coin. Two sides to a story. Both sides of the argument.

Believe me when I say, only disease and death have one side. The side inflicted upon their unsuspecting victims. Suspecting even; there’s only one goal. To harm, destroy, alarm and end. 100% honest truth.

People in general have a flip side. That persona put on dependent upon company. We’re not only two-faced, we’re as faceted as a diamond. That’s a fact. You’re like this for him, like that for her, watch your language for that puritan couple down the road. Then we’re two-faced for each of them.

Who the Hell are we? What is our real personality? What’s our truth? When you’re watching that Saturday night headfuck with parents? No, you’ve had a restraining order there since you first opened your mouth as a tot. Alone watching movies, reading books, legally killing things in videogames? Highly likely.

The most evil of the flip sides are shop assistants. “Madam that looks AMAZING on you!”. Does it? Does it really? Well I tried on a size too small to emphasize the fatty deposits on my back so you’re full of lies and deceit to make people buy buy buy. Then your flip side swings into action as you notice their ass looks huge in that dress. Another store lied to her too.

How do we know who is truly real? “As clear as an unmuddied lake” as Alex DeLarge eloquently pointed out in A Clockwork Orange. Social media is brimming with insecurity and loneliness. Frustrations explode from Twitter, retweet what’s trendy to hate rather than what you actually hate just to feel included. Just be you not a zombie sheep. I was guilty of that movement just to feel part of something and get noticed.

Not that everyone is a multi faceted “bullshit artist” (from The Greasy Strangler, ). There are those strong enough to be themselves in the face of the engulfing mainstream. The realest people I know are in a category of their own. A box of veritable delights that’s a sheer pleasure to open. Many of whom have mental health problems which has remarkably given them incredible inner strength. If only they’d believe it.

So how do you truly know what to believe? Well, trust your instinct. Jiminy Cricket. Your conscience. That little unexplainable switch that lights up green in your mind. No work of The Numbskulls this time. It’s real. We all enjoy a facade or seven but sometimes you are truly blessed to see the beautifully translucent.

Okay, time to head over to Instagram and enjoy my dizzying flip sides. Where bieng calm with one and chaotic with another actually allows you to indulge in your vast array of interests,

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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