Think Positive

Artwork by Harumi Hironaka. Click image for more information

Suggested audio: The Sun Maid by Soul Asylum

I often write about my personal history dealing with psychology and the results of a brain haemorrhage from an arterio-venous malformation (AVM) back in 1996. Something that took a long time for my parents to accept was just one of those unfortunate things that a child can develop whilst in the womb. You can’t forget the past if it still renders you in need of medical treatment but writing about it is a wonderful exercise!

None of my works are to be taken as seriously as they seem, everything is typed with a smile on my face.

Every morning every night
Every four hours in between
It’s drugs not pugs
Just say yes not no
Pharmaceutical numbness
Legally tranquilized
Down the throat
No darts from unknown shots
Mind suppressed and
Movements noticeably slowed
Chronic pain dampened
Hips still Hellfire agony
Shoulder still feeling shotgun blues

PlayStation and paracetamol
Hannibal and tramadol
Anything to put out the fires
Burning connective tissue
Assaulting every muscle
From jaw to toes
Migraines thrown in for fun
No deity is having a laugh
No curses from cannibal tribes
This is real
But oh, big deal
Life still continues
Pumping blood for the good

There’s a lot to keep eyes open
To keep pupils reactive
Not glazed over and blown
Sun still causes melanoma
Birds still try to sing
We can’t yet fly
Or swim with the sharks
But despite illness and disability
There’s a good chance of ability
Not to learn Latin
Or find a cure for eczema
A precious ability to simply be

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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