Wellness Walk

Spring beauty all around me

A friend, writer Jenny Hayut, posts the most beautiful photos on her Instagram page along with shots of poetry that immediately lift your mood.

One day, she inspired me to get up, get dressed, take a deep breath and go for a walk. Focusing on the beauty around me. So I did exactly that and took some photos too. Some of which I used to create the above collage for my social media. Can you see the sunshine radiating from those pictures?

Living with disabilities often sucks the life out of me and I remain home in my safe zone. Watching too many horror movies and focusing on darkness became a rut I’d been stuck in for years. Trying to be one of many personas I thought I was. Never quite fitting in and always insecure. But since earlier this month it’s been like sun rays penetrating gloom. I don’t need to focus on the morbid and I don’t need to fit in. I’ll just spread my wings and soar wherever the breeze takes me.

We’re all unique and that’s what makes life interesting. Notice people around you, what they’re doing and take inspiration. Tell people what you’ve observed and how it helped you.

And if you have a penchant for darkness, you can always pay it a quick visit.



© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

3 thoughts on “Wellness Walk

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  2. Anyone that comes across that smile of yours can see all that light shining within. I’m humbled and honored that my snippets of life can offer you that inspiration and find that “other side” of you that undoubtedly has always been within ❤️

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