Great White Beautiful Crazy

Photograph by Lauren Smith. Click image for source.

Suggested audio: Under The Water by Brother Brown (Original Mix)


There was a great white shark, graceful and unstable

An incredibly beautiful impulsive maniac

She swam and she swam ruminating fish feelings

Through angry oceans, through calm seas

Brushing against rocks enhancing scarred snout

Until suddenly the smell of blood

A true connoisseur of crimson red wine

She opened and closed her mouth pumping blood through gills

Her heart pounding in reckless anticipation

The shark’s emotions run amok as softly she bumps into

A dead dog’s leg

Perplexed by strange taste and losing another tooth

Her black eyes roll back then the shark retracts her jaw

Great White suddenly feels intense rage

Now unstable and hungry she falls rearward

The furious shark turns away and swims fast

This magnificent soul now feels empty and alone

Her electroreception is  suddenly overwhelming

Two orcas cruising slowly towards her

The shark watches then propels herself towards them

She’s in a self-destructive state, this beautiful crazy

The orcas begin to flip their tails

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™


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